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This forum began as Clark's Classic Bamboo Rod Forum, founded by Clark Davis for all who share a passion for classic rods. The forum is now owned by Whitefish Press aka Dr. Todd Larson - banjo.

For those who don't use English as their primary language we now have a translator for your language of choice hosted by Google.

The Classic Fly Rod Forum

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Check out the Orvis database which is owned and maintained by member Greg Reynolds.

The Orvis database by Greg ReynoldsThis is a new server, please check it out, many thanks to Martin for the server space and Greg Reynolds for a major update with over 25,400 rods listed!!

Check out the Paul Young Rod Co. database which is owned and maintained by member Robert Golder (quashnet).

Paul Young Rod Co. database by quashnet

DISCLAIMER:The views, and opinions, posted here are the sole responsibility of the poster. Negative comments, when directed at individuals, or other private concerns, will not be tolerated, posters should treat this media no differently than any other media source, in other words, if you would not submit what you are going to post in the newspaper, or a magazine, and sign your name as the author, kindly refrain from doing so here. The Classic Fly Rod Forum is not an open air forum for vendor/maker complaints. If you seek resolution, it is recommended you talk to the vendor/maker. If you seek an audience, it is recommended you go elsewhere. The admin and the Moderators reserve the right to remove any items deemed inappropriate according to the rules of conduct prominently displayed on each forum. If you have any questions or concerns you are free to email us at
send email to the Classic Fly Rod Forum

Posting to sell Domain names and the like, i.e. SPAM, is against YUKU Policy, if you post these types of posts here you will be banned from this board and YUKU will more than likely ban you from the site entirely. Thank you..........

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